Youth Secretariats


  • Approved by delegation advisor to serve as a Youth Secretariat
  • Cannot be an officer
  • Must have experience (minimum 1 year) in the YAG Program

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serves as a leader within delegations
  • Assists the Officer Corps in the enactment of ideas on a delegation-specific scale
  • Disseminates information from the Officers to delegates
  • Executes intra-delegation logistical work
  • Serves as a liaison between Officers and delegates and vice-versa
  • Must be able to stay in weekly contact with a specific officer before Conference


  • Interest in the position must be expressed to the delegation adviser
  • Advisors must submit name, email, and other contact information to Program┬áDirector a few weeks after conference (they will receive an e-mail)
  • The information is recorded and Youth Secretariats will be contacted accordingly