Senate President or Assembly Speaker

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Presides over sessions within the Senate or Assembly Chambers
  • Preside over Committee sessions
  • Attends any/all scheduled training sessions
  • May not debate on the floor or vote except to break a tie
  • Must assure that all Bills that reach the Chamber receive fair and equitable treatment
  • Explains procedures to the Legislature and act decisively
  • Enforces order and decorum during sessions
  • Reports on Chamber activities at Closing session
  • Select 3 nominees for Outstanding Statesperson with the Chamber Advisor
  • Must be able to commit time to the Program throughout the year by attending Officer Training sessions
  • Exemplify the Code of Conduct and YMCA Ground Rules


  • Submit an application for Student Leadership on Saturday evening of Conference
  • Elections will be held Sunday Morning of conference.  Students elected this year will serve the following year.
  • Each candidate will present a short statement in support of his/her candidacy and answer several questions.Candidates must remain outside of the room until called upon to speak
  • Candidate with majority of votes wins.  Those elected will be announced at Closing Ceremony