Senate or Assembly Clerk

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist Senate President / Assembly Speaker in presiding over Chamber
  • Preside over Committee sessions
  • Custodian of all documents of the Senate/Assembly
  • Responsible for reading aloud all Bill titles, Amendments, and any other items as directed by the President/Speaker
  • Receive and place bills on the official docket  as they come out of Committee or from the opposite Chamber
  • Keep detailed records of every vote and every action taken on all Bills
  • Assist with time-keeping and vote-counts as necessary
  • May not debate in Chambers
  • Sends all Bills to the Expeditor with a clear notation of the vote and action taken by the Chamber
  • Exemplify the Code of Conduct and YMCA Ground Rules


  • Submit an application for Student Leadership on Saturday evening of Conference
  • Elections will be held Sunday Morning of conference.  Students elected this year will serve the following year.
  • Each candidate will present a short statement in support of his/her candidacy and read a short excerpt
  • Candidate with majority of votes wins.  Those elected will be announced at Closing Ceremony