Lobby Firm Presidents

Additional Qualifications

  • Must have authorization to run for office from Committee Advisor
  • Must have one year experience as lobbyist
  • Must be organized exude leadership abilities to achieve goals under pressure

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Presides over tasks and organization of assigned Lobby Firm
  • Assists in assignment of clients
  • Assists in Administrative tasks with Program Staff
  • Assists Lobbyists in preparation for conference and representation of clients when needed
  • Exemplify the Code of Conduct and YMCA Ground Rules


  • Submit an application for Student Leadership on Saturday evening of Conference
  • Elections will be held at the conclusion of Conference; each candidate will give a 2-minute speech in support of his/her candidacy and answer several questions
  • Candidates with majority of votes win.¬†¬†Students elected will be announced at Closing Ceremony