YAG Press Corps

Everything run and associated with YAG is publicized by the Press Corps, which spreads awareness and keeps delegates, officers, and staff in the loop, during and after Conference.

Press is responsible for publishing content through the following mediums:

  • The YAG Mag: a print publication containing objective news articles that cover all aspects of YAG, both in and out of Conference. Articles topics cover the gubernatorial race, bills, delegates’ experiences, op-ed pieces, and any and all things YAG. Copies of the YAG Mag are distributed each day at conference.
  • Between the Gavels: a video news series in which press officers provide updates from the legislative chambers, specialized committees, and the Officer Corps. Episodes of Between the Gavels are broadcast each day at conference.
  • Social Media: publicizes various YAG-related activities through Facebook and Instagram throughout conference in order to promote YAG’s online presence. Social media posts typically highlight delegates around conference.

Important Upcoming Dates

TBA| Pre-Leg Assignment Due
TBA | Pre-Legislative Session
TBA | Conference