Service Drives

Although Youth and Government is, in large part, about debate and learning about the New Jersey Government, it also places a heavy emphasis on service. The YMCA’s hope for members of its Civic Engagement programs are that they are empowered to explore volunteer opportunities and other leadership opportunities. The role of a Youth and Government delegate is not only to represent a member of the New Jersey government, but to take the initiative to give back to their community. This is why the conference holds an annual service drive, partnering with a local charity to collect items to donate. 

2020 Service Drive

This year, New Jersey Youth and Government is proud to be partnering with The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey to bring clean socks to the homeless. Their goal is to break the cycle of poverty by fully supporting families across the state. Many people rely on their clothing donations, and they are always in need of new socks.

2019 Service Drive

In 2019, New Jersey Youth and Government partnered with United Way to bring school supplies to students throughout the state. United Way’s mission is to improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good.

2018 Service Drive

In 2018, New Jersey Youth and Government was proud to partner with the Bridge of Books Foundation to bring books to underprivileged students across the state. Every year, Bridge of Books donates tens of thousands of books to schools, food banks, and community centers in New Jersey. Bridge of Books’ impact on the lives and futures of these students is incalculable, however the thank you letters they receive show just how powerful a book can be