Lobby Corps

The Lobby Corps provides delegates a one-of-a-kind Conference experience, allowing its members to undergo the legislative process from the unique perspective of a lobbyist. Submit Pre-Legislative Assignment

It is a lobbyist’s goal to respectfully and powerfully influence and advocate for the passing or failing of legislation. A lobbyist relies on his or her ability to vocalize his or her client’s position in an effort to change the opinion and vote of the Congress.

Lobby Corps Missions Statement



While lobbyists do not author bills themselves, these delegates have the unique privilege of being able to speak in favor of or against any bill presented during chamber sessions–besides their initially assigned bills–in accordance with the positions of the clients that they are representing. Lobbyists come into Conference with not only a considerable knowledge of their initially assigned bills, but also a significant understanding of the backgrounds, beliefs and interests of their respective clients.

In addition to speaking on bills, lobbyists are also tasked with participating in the Think Tank, in which lobbyists offer valuable advice and points to willing authors on their bills during scheduled appointments. The goal of Think Tank is to prepare bill authors for inquiries and debatable questions that they may be faced with.

Besides bill debate and the Think Tank, lobbyists have multiple options to participate in entirely different areas of Conference. These opportunities include serving as consultants in the Executive Response Committee, speaking on cases presented in the Judicial Courts as “amici curiae” (“friends of the court”), and even defending bills brought forth to the Governor’s Cabinet



Important Upcoming Dates

February 2020 | Pre-Legislative Assignment Due
March 1, 2020 | Pre-Legislative Session
March 2020 | Pre-Conference Assignment Due
April 3-5, 2020 | Conference