Lobby Corps

The Lobby Corps provides delegates a one-of-a-kind Conference experience, allowing its members to undergo the legislative process from the unique perspective of a lobbyist. Lobby Corp Application

It is a lobbyist’s goal to respectfully and powerfully influence and advocate for the passing or failing of legislation. A lobbyist relies on his or her ability to vocalize his or her client’s position in an effort to change the opinion and vote of the Congress.

Lobby Corps Missions Statement

The primary role of a lobbyist in the NJ YAG program is to aid other delegates and enhance the overall Youth and Government experience. They will be responsible to help and communicate with delegates both in and outside of committee.

Lobbyists, while not authoring bills themselves, will have the opportunity to represent various organizations of their choice — ranging from the NRA to Planned Parenthood — and speak upon legislative bills. They will be expected to be both well-prepared and sufficiently researched, but also willing to speak spontaneously in committees. The main challenge of the lobbyist in legislative committees is to represent opinions they may not necessarily agree with and balance both passion and poise in order to enhance debate for all delegates.

In other committees, lobbyists will be able to perform other roles in the YAG government simulation. These opportunities include serving as consultants in the Executive Response Committee, speaking on cases presented in the Judicial Courts as “amici curiae” (“friends of the court”), and even defending bills brought forth to the Governor’s Cabinet.

The most important lobbyist responsibility is Think Tank, in which legislative delegates will be able to connect with lobbyists and receive advice and support from lobbyists. Lobbyists will provide resources to the bill authors and prepare them to field potential arguments in committee and chamber. This is a beneficial resource for all members of conference — lobbyists and bill authors alike.

Aside from the above responsibilities, lobbyists will also be granted with ample freedom at conference, controlling where they are, who they speak on behalf of, and which opportunities they choose to take advantage of. Essentially, mature and passionate lobbyists will certainly work hard, but they will have a unique and fun-filled experience too!

Important Upcoming Dates

TBA | Lobbyist Application Due
TBA | Pre-Legislative Session
TBA | Pre-Conference Assignment Due
TBA | Conference