Choosing Your Topic

There are four good places to find ideas:

  1. Your community – listen to your parents, neighbors, and teachers when they complain or comment on something that the state should or should not be doing.  Many problems encountered in daily life can be addressed by the state legislature.
  2. News – what are the headlines saying?  What do “most NJ citizens” think are hot-button or important issues?  What problems are we, as a state, facing?
  3. TV shows – procedural shows especially, such as Law & Order or CSI, can sometimes give you ideas when legal loopholes are presented or made central to an episode.
  4. The Officer’s Topic List and Governor’s Agenda – these documents are chock-full of ideas and topics hand-selected by the officers.  However, don’t limit yourself to just those listed!

Remember, while issues that readily capture the imagination or interest of others lead to increased debate and activity on your bill, make sure to select an issue that you feel passionate about!  Your enthusiasm and interest will go a long way in getting people to care about your bill too.