Junior Legislators

(Youth and Government’s Middle School Component)

Who are the Junior Legislators?

Since 2010, the New Jersey Youth and Government Program has invited middle school students to build a legislative experience of their own. Junior Legislators lead one another as they learn to write bills and have thoughtful, respectful, and exciting discussions about current issues. Collaboration and community help all delegates to create a powerful, empowering experience.The Junior Legislators will be primarily writing and defending their own bills as well as the bills of their peers. NJYAG gives them the opportunity to share their beliefs and inspire change in the future of New Jersey and above all, NJYAG promotes learning.Junior Legislators are able to experience conference from a unique perspective, not only working with their peers, but being able to shadow older delegates. This gives them an inside look into other committees and serves as an amazing learning opportunity.We at conference can’t wait to meet the newest generation of delegates!

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