Executive Response Committee

Participating in the Executive Response Committee allows delegates to simulate bureaucratic elements of government and work collaboratively to address potential crises facing New Jersey. Submit Pre-Legislative Assignment

This year, members of the ERC will work in small groups to develop multi-step plans of action to respond to a variety of long term issues. In addition to such long term issues, delegates will also debate on a short-term crisis which will be announced during Conference itself. Delegates will debate and synthesize these plans into proposals. More information about this year’s crises can be found in the ERC manual.

Debate in the ERC is fast-paced and takes place over a short span of time, first divided into group work in five groups of about six delegates, then moving to formalized debate of the plans following loose parliamentary procedure. Because of this, delegates of the committee should be able to speak in a rapid-fire situation and communicate easily with fellow delegates.

Delegates in the ERC do not create bills or briefs, and instead the bulk of their written work is done during Conference itself. However, delegates are expected to prepare research on “subtopics” within each crisis for the Pre-legislative session. More information on how to complete this research can be found in the ERC manual. Anyone can join the ERC, but delegates who can think quickly, work collaboratively, and look at the big picture will be particularly well-suited to the committee.

How to Complete the Pre-Legislative Assignment

Everything you need to know about completing the Subtopic Exploration Sheet


Research the crisis! This year’s long-term crisis is TBA.



Write one “exploration” for each crisis, with three “subtopics” in each exploration. Save your final paper in the form of a PDF.

A Sample Exploration can be found in the ERC Manual.



Create an account on the assignment submission site, then upload and submit your document by TBA!

Important Upcoming Dates

TBA | Pre-Legislative Assignment Due
TBA | Pre-Legislative Session
TBA | Facilitator Assignments Due
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