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Information on our High School Programs and helpful resources for all of our delegates

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Learn more about Parliamentary Procedure to prepare for debate.

What to Wear

Learn more about appropritate attire for Conference and Pre-Leg.

What to Pack

Learn more about what to pack for Conference weekend.


Get answers to all of your Conference-related questions.

How to Submit Your Assignment

Bills and Specialized Pre-Legislative Assignments are due on TBA

1. Complete Your Assignment

Refer to specialized manuals and site pages to learn more about how to complete your assignment. Legislative and ERC delegates have a Pre-Leg assignment that will be due on TBA.

2. Visit the Assignment Submission Site

Put your assignment in the proper format for submission (refer to the “All About Bills” page, or your specialized manual for formatting requirements), then visit the submission website.

3. Create an Account

Click “Create new Account” on the submission site homepage. Fill in your name, email, and assignment type. Use the registration code from your advisor when creating your account.

4. Submit by TBA

Once your account is complete, upload and submit your assignment! Submit all Pre-Legislative assignments by TBA. Any Pre-Conference assignments are separate, and will be explained at Pre-Leg and due at a later date.

Save the Date

Important dates for the 2021-22 New Jersey Youth and Government year!

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