Bill Submission

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All bills should be submitted at by TBA

When submitting your bill, a few questions will be asked be asked regarding your bill. They are explained below. 

  • Courts Consideration: If you say yes to this option, you are allowing your bill to be considered for debate in a constitutionality case in Courts. If selected, you may need to defend your bill’s constitutionality in Courts at some point during conference. 
  • Lobbyist Consideration: If selected, you may have a lobbyist of a related firm speak on your bill.  
  • Speedpass Consideration: If you believe your bill to be uncontroversial, you are encouraged to apply for Speedpass Consideration. This would drastically decrease the time of pro-con for your bill. 
  • Secondary Sponsor: List the person that will act as your cosponsor. Your cosponsor must be from the opposite chamber of the same legislature (ex. If you are in Livingston Assembly then your cosponsor must be from Livingston Senate).