All About Bills

As a legislative delegate, your bill will be a major part of your Pre-Leg and Conference experience.

Since the legislative chambers of the Youth and Government Program are primarily concerned with debating bills, delegates are strongly encouraged to invest time and effort into the creation of their legislation. The writing quality and creativity of these bills directly impact the level of debate in committee and chamber and, therefore, will directly influence satisfaction in the experience as a whole.

There are several elements to consider when writing a piece of legislation. Though it may seem like a daunting task to select a single issue to solve, begin by considering relevant issues in our state and what you would like to see changed. Be sure to format your bill properly to better reflect your interests as a bill writer.

Above all, your bill should embody your beliefs and interests! Your bill can pertain to the environment, education, law enforcement, social services, or any other issue about which you are passionate that pertains to the state of New Jersey. If you are not well-versed in some or any of these categories, enlist the aid of others (advisors, former Y&G delegates, actual legislators, parents) and utilize the resources available to you: the Y&G website, the state webpage, previously successful bills, and other inferior websites.

Remember, the rare articles of legislation that are signed into law impact the lives of the people of New Jersey. Therefore, you must weigh the public need as you write, sponsor or vote on any bill.