Youth Governor

Duties and Responsibilities

as Lt. Governor (2018 Conference)

  • Serves as a member of the Governor’s Cabinet and fulfills such duties as assigned
  • Becomes thoroughly familiar with the overall program design
  • Attends Pre-Legislative Session as a candidate.

as Youth Governor (2018 Conference)

  • Provides the leadership model for the entire Program, reflecting the Code of Conduct and the YMCA Ground Rules
  • Attends the week long Youth Governor’s Conference held in Washington DC the June following his/her election
  • Selects a Cabinet prior to the next Pre-Legislative session
  • Sets the tone for the Program with a speech given at Pre-Legislative Session
  • Presides over the Pre-Legislative Session as well as the Conference Weekend including but not limited to: the banquets, Opening and Closing sessions
  • Studies with the Cabinet each legislative action and prepares a response
  • Works throughout the year with Program Staff as necessary to plan for and ensure a quality program
  • Represents the program positively in school and in the community



Youth Governor Election Process

Primary Election (@ Pre-Legislative Session)

  • Each candidate must write and submit a letter to the delegates, outlining their ideas and changes they would implement if elected; this will be distributed to the cabinet and question panel
  • Each candidate will be asked two questions and will have the opportunity to answer the questions in a short speech to the delegates of the conference
  • Voting will be done by preferential ballot: delegates will be asked to select their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for next year’s Youth Governor position
  • The two candidates that receive a majority of the votes will advance to the Election, to be held at Conference

Election (@ Conference)

  • Each Candidate will be given 2 opportunities to address the conference:
    +Opening Session – a 3 minute introduction speech
    +Dinner – a formal debate between the candidates
  • Elections will be held during committee on Friday evening –the results will be announced on Saturday night.
  • Rules for the debate will be provided to candidates prior to conference
  • Voting will be done by preferential ballot: delegates will be asked to select their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices for next year’s Youth Governor position


Campaign Regulations

  • Election Speeches are to address platform issues of interest or concern in each of the Committee areas, each issue does not need to receive equal attention
  • Speeches are to emphasize the Candidate’s own strengths and aspirations, they may NOT include any negative comments about the opponent(s)
  • Campaigns are to address issues of concern to both the State of New Jersey and the Youth and Government Program, candidates are to avoid making promises that cannot be kept or statements that cannot be supported with factual data
  • Candidates are encouraged to visit with other delegations between Pre-Legislative Session and the Program. Permission is to be obtained, in advance, from the Delegation Advisor
  • All campaign materials and activities are to be in good taste, reflect a positive image, and adhere to the YMCA Ground Rules
  • Candidates are NOT permitted to buy or give gifts of any kind to delegates, including pens, t-shirts, stickers, and buttons
  • No Campaign material may be posted in the State House
  • All Campaign material must be removed/picked-up prior to the conclusion of the Pre-Legislative Session and Conference
  • Advisors are expected to remain impartial

Violations of the rules may result in immediate disqualification from running for office