By Taras Holovko

Building on a strong base established by committee heads Karanveer Johal and Joel Sirusas last year, the new group of Legacy officers is planning a number of initiatives for YAG 2015. Historically, the Legacy subcommittees has focused on recording and archiving YAG past, but has since expanded to include a number of other initiatives, including contacting alumni and raising money. Ranked from fifth to first, the committee’s most exciting enterprises include the following:

1. In addition to continuing perennial recruitment of newly graduated YAG alumni, the officers are striving to compile a mailing list of old YAGgers to establish regular communication and updates.

2. The annals of YAG history are gradually being publicized via social media. Though weekly #tbt posts, infographics, videos, and pictures, the officers plan to share the interesting points of YAG’s 77 year tradition with delegates.

3. Reaching out to New Jersey politicians, servicemen, activists, and icons early, the team hopes to find interesting public speakers for next year’s conference. Youth Governor Nick Pellitta jokes that he will not rest until Chris Christie promises an appearance at YAG 2015.

4. Legacy aspires to expand the College Scholarship Fund begun last year by reaching out to local companies, the American Legion, Rotary Clubs, and government offices to raise money for the cause. Additionally, they plan to contact grocery stores, shops, and delis to gather sandwiches and other food for Pre-Leg 2015.

5. Finally and most excitingly, the committee plans to sell NJ YAG apparel, including pins, bracelets, and sweatshirts. The team will host a design competition, with the winner’s design published on the clothing and the winner receiving free apparel. Stay updated for an opportunity to see your artwork become the face of YAG!